This page contains all articles in English. Your comments and exchanges of ideas for the essays are welcome here or on our facebook page, Đinh-Lê-Lý-Trần Hồn-Việt.

For all  documents in Vietnamese related to some important essays of this section, please go to the Little Saigon – Seattle page. That page organized by VietSoul:21 reveals important activities carried out over three years in relations to community issues of Little Saigon in Seattle, WA. Our focal emphasis is to foreground the negative and serious impact of gentrification not only on Little Saigon section located next to Chinatown/International District of the South Downtown, but also its stretching toward a Vietnamese physical location on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the Southern Seattle region.

We post all information on Little Saigon – Seattle page to (1) explicitly specify all deeds of our grassroots activism, and (2) partially express our gratitude to the quiet yet courageous concern in action of the silent majority. The faceless silent majority does not occupy any famous names, self-claimed groups, or token representatives. This concern in action was indeed grounded in sources not from factions and parties, parochial cliques, or unquestioning conformity–which, inevitably, induce confusing and ambiguous socio-political engagement–and embedded long-standing personal resentment in and beyond the community.

The three-year mobilization for a common cause and without profiteering motive ended with success and led to the demise of the 300-million Dearborn Mall project at Goodwill site. Such positive outcome does not belong to any single individual but the anonymous folks who were not desiring prospective honor or award. Thank you all.

Collective Amnesia and Rhetoric of Mobilized Participation 2010/08/13
A folk story under Vietnamese Communist Party regime 2010/08/13
Tales from the two cities 2010/07/09
eyes see you 2010/07/01
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – Don’t give up 2010/06/25
Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life 2010/06/15
The Soviet Story 2010/05/17
Expensive price for cheap China products 2010/05/07
Memorial Day – Fall of Saigon (4/30/75 – 4/30/10) 2010/04/30
Haiti Disaster Redux 2010/03/01
Empty hands 2010/02/23
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Peace Walk 2010/01/06
The age of day laborer and housemaid 2009/10/18
The Unspoken Ambiguities 2009/09/24
Mac Crary – The Poetic Voice from Little Saigon 2009/09/19
Critical Reflection with Vietnamese Young Readers 2009/09/12
Judgment: A Laozi (Lao Tzu) Parable 2009/09/11
Notes re: Signatures on Letter to DPD on July 31, 2008 2009/09/05
The opposite of … 2009/09/03
Little Saigon Asks the Mayor to Walk the Talk 2009/08/20
The Parable of the Downstreamers 2009/08/11
Tale of Five Friends and Five Enemies 2009/08/11
The ghosts in the room & skeletons in the closet 2009/06/08
Dialogue: Where Strengths and Truths of Little Saigon Seattle Come From? 2009/05/07
Personal testimony at the Examiners Hearing on Rezoning 2008/09/22
Letter to Vietnamese American Community of Washington State & Federation of RVN Arm Forces Associations 2008/09/14
Invitation letter to meeting on Urban Development and Little Saigon Projects 2008/09/07
Synopsis of The Vietnamese Public Comments Report on The Livable South Downtown Land Use Initiative 2008/09/05
Letter to the editors – Seattle Post-Inteligence (9/03/08) 2008/09/03
Little Saigon Fire Sale !!! 2008/08/29
Letter to City of Seattle, Department of Planning and Development 2008/07/31
Letter to the editors – Seattle Post-Inteligence (7/18/08) 2008/07/18
Not Too Late to Influence the South Downtown Rezone Process 2008/06/09
Press Release: LITTLE SAIGON STREET THEATRE 2008/05/25

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