Little Saigon Fire Sale !!!

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Below are the excerpts and rebuttal comments on the draft of Attachment F—the Statement of Support for the Dearborn Coalition Project. Dearborn Street Coalition for a Livable Neighborhood (DSCLN) appears in hurry yet secretive to ensure the Seattle City Council approval for the necessary applications and petitions of the Dearborn Big Box Mall.

– At least 200 units of affordable housing, including 120 units affordable at 50% of median income. – A Vietnamese senior receives about $700.00 a month, or a couple get a yearly income of $16,800, around 30% of median income, would have no chance to afford the rent.
– $2 million to support Little Saigon businesses, nonprofit organizations, and neighborhood traffic improvements. – There is no disclosure on how the fund would be divided between the three areas. The CBA doesn’t spell out details as how the merchants would be supported, direct disbursement or via a third-party entity, or based on what criteria, and who would decide the criteria and ratio, etc… Let’s say that ¼ of the fund is for traffic improvement, ¼ for the non-profit organizations, and ½ for the Little Saigon merchants. If the fund would have directly disbursed equally to 100 or so merchants in the 5-10 year time frame, how much then each merchant would get, roughly $80 a month?
– Public use of plaza space for community events. – The CBA doesn’t spell out that this would be free-of-charge use of the facility or there is a usage fee of facility. Would any Vietnamese organizations want to hold an event there or afford the fee?

Such little “benefits” for the Vietnamese community are hardly compensated for an enormous loss of cultural space, history and pride (“Though Little Saigon isn’t a very rich area, it is a little piece of land that represents our past, present, AND future”, Tracey Wong, ID youth’s open letter on July 21, 2008, against the Dearborn Mall Project).

Our neighborhood, our house is on fire but some people try to salvage the feed in the trough!

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