A folk story under Vietnamese Communist Party regime

In Việt Nam, Văn Chương on 2010/08/13 at 17:32

There is a rich man who was dying from a terminal disease so his “neighborly” doctor recommends him to replace his internal organs in order to survive. Immediately, he flied to the underground organ market in China. First he went to the Heart store. There are all kind of hearts for sale: doctor’s hearts, farmer’s hearts, factory worker’s hearts, lawyer’s hearts, teacher’s hearts … but the most expensive heart in the store is a communist’s heart.“How come this is so expensive, is it because it’s good?”

“This is expensive not because it’s good but because it’s really rare.”

“Why so rare?”

“Aye ya, don’t you see? Among thousands of them there maybe one communist who has a heart. So it’s rare. This is very rare stuff, buy it!”

The rich man bought the communist heart.  Then he walked over to the stomach store.  There, there are also many kind: soldier’s stomachs, beggar’s stomachs, wealthy people’s stomachs … but the most expensive one is a communist official’s stomach. Drawing from his experience in the Heart store, he asked the vendor:

“This is expensive because it’s rare, right?”

“This is not rare but it’s very good!”

“How so?”

“It’s so good! Cement, steel, dirty grease, money, including conscience and integrity… they would be digested all. Buy it!”

The rich man buy that stomach. Finally, he went to the Brain store. There are many kind of brains but the most expensive one is the communist’s brain. This time, when seeing that most expensive brain, he quickly said:

“I will take this, this is so expensive so it must be really rare and good, right?”

“Aren’t you smart to choose this! Among millions of communists there would be only one who has brain, and because it’s rarely used it’s in mint condition. The best part is only once in a while the brain would be activated because he knows money is coming!”

Vietnamese version (Bản tiếng Việt): Chuyện dân gian Việt Nam thời Cộng Sản

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